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PRESS RELEASE: Widow Care in Retirement Living Sourcebook

Press Release was originally posted on page 35 of the May Sourcebook. Check out the digital edition here.


Widow Care is a 501c(3) nonprofit serving widowed persons in the DC metropolitan region. The organization provides content and connections to those who are facing the loss of a spouse, so they can become empowered in their walks through grief and new challenges.

Widowhood impacts a large percentage of the world population, such that 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 are widowed & 800,000 persons become widowed each year. While widowhood is such a widespread occurrence, those affected often lack access to proper resources.

To combat this, Widow Care offers a variety of programs for widowed persons of all ages & backgrounds. We aim to alleviate social isolation, create comradery, and promote healing through our 3 focus areas: Support, Social Engagement & Strength.

Every journey is different, so our programs are open to recently and long-term widowed persons alike. The organization's unique programs are designed to help members move forward.

Peer support groups provide an outlet for members to have authentic and organic discussions about spousal loss. Whether a member wants to discuss holiday grief or happy memories, they will find supportive peers.

Social meetups provide an informal environment for widowed persons to enjoy fun activities, delicious food & unique events with others who’ve experienced similar tragedies. Widow Care also invites grief speakers and industry specialists to educate and inspire members through quarterly seminars that focus on topics such as young widowhood, financial planning & more.

For those who prefer individualized assistance, Widow Care offers 2 different programs: The Widowed Mentorship Program & the Care Drivers Program.

The Mentorship Program provides one-on-one support in the form of monthly phone calls. This program offers an outlet for members to speak about their personal experiences with widowhood & focus on finding solutions to overcome their unique challenges.

The Care Drivers Program offers personalized in-home assistance with tasks like lawn care or handyman services, which can be especially daunting for someone who is grieving. Volunteers aim to alleviate some of the stressful responsibilities by offering one-time assistance when our members need it the most.

Widow Care provides a variety of online resources, including a blog, newsletter, video series, digital groups, and a Widowed Checklist. Original online content offers a perfect mixture of educational articles and personal stories. Members are encouraged to submit their own blogs or share their story on our private Facebook group.

Furthermore, Widow Care offers a free Widowed Checklist to help members understand their post-bereavement responsibilities, ranging from contacting insurances to cancelling recurring payments. The organization can also connect members (and their families) with local services & external grief groups.

Find comradery within our loving community. Join today, free of charge, at

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