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Make specialized support possible! Raises $5000 dollars to help individuals affected by spousal loss

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

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Widow Care has partnered with a local business who's offered to match ALL donations to Widow Care, up to $15,000! Our goal for December 2018 is to raise $5,000 with matching contributions, and we need your help!

Widow Care is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Rockville, Maryland that focuses on providing accessible programs, like our peer support groups, social meet-ups & our proposed 2019 mentorship & Care Drivers programs, to the 680,204 widowed persons in DC, Maryland & Virginia. We also offer connections to local service providers & a "Widowed Checklist" guide to organize post-bereavement obligations, such as social security, finances, and more.

Read testimonials from our donors:

“I invest in Widow Care because I have seen first hand the incredible need that exists for widower’s to receive care and support after they have experienced such a difficult loss. I believe Widow Care is positioned to answer these needs and care for widower’s in very specific ways. This is an organization that is much needed.” -- Michael

With your help, Widow Care can continue offering pertinent programs and personalized care to those who truly need it.

What are Members Saying?

"As a widow, there can be things that overwhelm you or that you relied on your husband to do. With that can come stress, anxiety and feelings of isolation. I am so very grateful for Widow Care’s immediate and compassionate response to my request for volunteers who have graciously and selflessly helped me organize paperwork and learn new computer skills. Widowhood is a life-altering experience and yet widows and widowers can be an “invisible” population-- but we’re out there with needs.”-- Leann

There are around 40 thousand widows and widowers in Montgomery County alone, and over 680 thousand widowed persons in DC, Maryland & Virginia combined. We extend our services to every person who has dealt with the loss of a spouse, no matter if they are recently-bereaved or far removed from the loss. Our monthly peer support groups and social meet-ups take place in the DC metropolitan area, but our digital support groups, website content and mentorship programs are offered to widows and widowers across the nation.

Act Now

For a limited time, your contributions will be matched by a local business, The Eric Stewart Group of Long and Foster Realtors. This means that, for every dollar you donate, they'll donate a dollar to Widow Care.

  • $25 will help to fund targeted and accessible programs; with matching donations, the contribution will total $50.

  • $50 will help fund website development to connect members with local resources; with matching donations, the contribution will total $100.

  • $75 will fund an ENTIRE peer support group; with matching donations, the contribution will total $150.

  • $100 will help to fund all 2019 programs; with matching donations, the contribution will total $200.

Our Matching Donations Campaign is extended for a limited time, so act now to double your impact at no extra cost to you!

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