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Member testimonials

"I love this group soo much! It is a very accepting, diverse, and friendly group, which is great considering our painful realities that have made this group a necessity. There is no pressure to discuss/attend anything, and if you decide to, there is also no judgment. :)

Also, Marissa does a wonderful job coordinating the events, and is kind and resourceful. I know it is A LOT of work (she moves at a dizzying pace), but I am thankful for her assistance/presence.

As my schedule will allow, I will be attending many events/sessions as I can: This group is a big help to me and lets me know I am not alone in this crazy journey." Tracey, Widow

"I felt like I was hiding for so long because I was hurting and tired. Since I became aware of Widow Care and that someone was thinking of us, I feel alive again. Thank God for Widow Care. For me it is a light at the end of a long tunnel." - Teresa, Widow

"I just want to follow up and say how much Widow Care has helped me in the past several months. I can not imagine what I would do without my weekly phone calls from [my mentor]. I am so thankful and really hope to give back what I have received when the time comes. Thank you sincerely, A New Widow" - Anonymous, Widow


This is a first class group of warm, generous, caring and fun people. As a solo Mom of 3, I am extremely grateful for the support and connection. ”- Gretchen, Widow

"5 months ago, I lost my husband of 40 years to acute leukemia. My heart was broken. I was hurt, moody, depressed, disconnected and lonely. I couldn’t deal with the consequences of my loss on my own. So in the beginning of May 2019, I joined the Widow Care of MD group and have nothing but wonderful things to say about it.  This is the private group for widowed persons only and with no formal counseling, psychologists, or therapists on staff. We help each other to heal by telling our stories and listening. There, I finally got an opportunity to get better by sharing my memories, thoughts and feelings with widowed men and women who have the same experience and who - because of that - fully understand my grief and support me.

I am so grateful to the Widow Care for recognizing the psychological challenges the widowed persons face due to the loss of a spouse and helping us to get inspiration and stability while we are walking through grief.

My special thank you to the Director of Marketing and Outreach, Marissa. Marissa  is a great facilitator - very professional, considerate and compassionate. She is also an amazing event manager. On June 1st 2019 Marissa - under the sponsorship of the Capitol Bay Group of Ameriprise Financial - coordinated a wine tour to Barboursville Vineyards for our group.  I was really impressed with how well Marissa managed the busy atmosphere of the trip and how meticulous, kind, attentive and personable she was to the needs of everyone in the large group of people.  Working with Marissa was a dream. She made everything so simple and she was also great with communication.

The trip itself was simply fantastic! Everyone enjoyed breathtaking views, wine tour and testing, stunning selection of wines, highly professional staff, and, of course, an exclusive lunch at the Palladio." - Anonymous, Widow




"I found the Widow Care volunteers to be very helpful, reliable and friendly. They took to helping me pack up my house immediately and enthusiastically. The volunteers program for Widow Care is an excellent asset." - John, Widower

"In 2012, my husband John was suddenly diagnosed with ALS. Shortly thereafter he, and life as our family knew it, passed away. Grieving and uncertainty filled the wake of his passing. However, the loving care and support from close friends and church members calmed these waves, transitioning me into this new season of life. I will be forever grateful for the love and care I received during the most challenging time of my life. I am excited to know that Widow Care is making the same loving care and essential support possible for other widows and widowers in, and around Montgomery County." - Kathy, Widow

"As a widow, there can be things that overwhelm you or that you relied on your husband to do. With that can come stress, anxiety and feelings of isolation. I am so very grateful for Widow Care’s immediate and compassionate response to my request for volunteers who have graciously and selflessly helped me organize paperwork and learn new computer skills. Widowhood is a life-altering experience and yet widows and widowers can be an “invisible” population-- but we’re out there with needs." - Leann, Widow

"Highly recommend this group! First experience warm and welcoming! The Barboursville Vineyard excursion was a well run trip filled with European flavor, rich history, magnificent scenery and good company! Our hosts a class act! Most grateful for the positive energy!”- Joy, Widow

"[The Barboursville Meetup] was a great event at an amazing location with a lot of fun people. This was the first event I attended and I was welcomed. The tour was interesting, the grounds were amazing and the wine and food were fantastic. I will enjoy the wine I bought and I'm sure it will bring back good memories."-Bob, Widower

"Thank you and the team for a terrific trip on Saturday to Barboursville, Va.  It was so incredibly well organized from the breakfast, the bus ride, the wine tasting and winery tour, the lunch and the walk through the beautiful wildflower field to the ruins.  Plus time to just sit and talk with others, or meditate on the beautiful countryside.  And on top of it, you sent us pictures of the trip!  I think everybody had a great time, due in no small part to your extraordinary efforts and attention to everybody. 


This was a great opportunity to spend lots of time connecting with so many other members of Widow Care.  It didn’t matter with whom I talked, it felt like we had an instant rapport and it was amazing how often we shared similar experiences of life after widowhood, no matter our age or circumstances. It was so easy to connect. 



Widow Care is about celebrating and enjoying life in addition to acknowledging the difficulties of losing a spouse.  Thank you so much to all of you who make this possible." - Irene, Widow

It’s a very friendly, supportive group. Members are at all stages of a loss ...from months to many years. I attended a winery field trip which was very upbeat (ok so maybe the wine was a factor). The event was well planned and, surprisingly, offered at no cost. It’s a good group for those that, unfortunately, qualify for membership.”- Dick, Widower

"I wanted to thank you for organizing the Barboursville Vineyards Tour on June 1st for the Widow/Widowers of Montgomery County/Widow Care Group. The whole day was amazing, starting from the breakfast and bus trip complete with mimosas. It felt like we were transported to another country! I've never been to a more beautiful estate and vineyard.    Many thanks to John Yetman and Adam Goddard of the Capitol Bay Group for their hospitality. 


I'm also so grateful for Luca Paschina's passion for the art of wine making - his tour was so interesting, and the wines are spectacular! Lunch was beyond incredible - I'm still telling my friends about the meal, and words nor photos can completely capture the beauty and serenity of the landscape.  Meeting new people was also a highlight of the day -  I only wish we had more time to spend at Barboursville Vineyards. I can be a marketing representative I love it so much!" - Kara, Widow

"This is a wonderful group of people who are warm, friendly, supportive, and upbeat. I have attended several support group meetings, the Grief Speaker series, and the bus trip to Barboursville Vineyard earlier this month. It is nice to make connections with people who have experienced similar situations in their lives.


The Barboursville trip was wonderful and we (the widows ranging in age from 40 - 70) were treated to a day of luxury. We started with breakfast at Corner Bakery, a lovely bus ride to the vineyard in Virginia, a personal tour by the head winemaker of the vineyard and grounds, a 5 star lunch with lots of wine along the way.


This event was well attended and very organized. The best part was meeting so many others that are moving forward in this journey. This trip was made possible by donations from The Capital Bay Group. It was a treat for all that attended! " Amy, Widow

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