Widowhood and the Holidays

This week's article comes to us from Today.com by author by Donna Freydkin. She discusses the perspective of Widowhood during the holidays.

"My husband died in April 2012 of a Glioblastoma, the dogged and ruthless brain tumor now afflicting John McCain. Since then, the holidays — once filled with ski trips to Lake Tahoe and raucous couples’ parties at various apartments — are now centered around my son and me (and an assist from our one-eyed cat), as well as a trip to spend Christmas with my husband’s family in Texas.

But the lead-up is lonely and solitary, with Alex, now 6, and me decorating our tree alone, wrapping presents alone and opening them up, alone. We hang out with friends, but too often, feel like the proverbial fifth wheels, interfering on otherwise very intimate family moments. We make the best of it. But along the way, I’ve heard some pretty, ahem, notable pearls of wisdom from well-meaning (I hope) adults who simply cannot fathom what we go through every year. So, here’s what not to say to a widow (or widower).

Check out the rest of the article at: https://www.today.com/parents/holiday-grief-7-things-never-say-widow-christmas-t120216

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