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Thanksgiving Getaway Ideas

This article comes to us from TripSavvy has tons of information on getaway planning, vacation planning, and ideas for your next great adventure! For some, Thanksgiving can be painful, and sometimes getting away can be helpful! Check out these great destination spots!

As one of the longest weekends in the fall school calendar, Thanksgiving break offers a stellar opportunity for families to get away together for four or five days. There are fantastic places where you can enjoy a change of pace and still have turkey and all the trimmings.

Getting away in November can be ideal because of the mild fall weather in many places and the opportunity to enjoy harvest festivals and special Thanksgiving events. Plus, there may be seasonal package deals and off-season savings in some locations. 

November is an ideal time to get away, with your family in tow, and Aruba experiences year-round consistently warm tropical weather. Plus, Aruba is only one direct flight away from the states: 2.5 hours from Miami, 3.5 hours from Atlanta and 4.5 hours from New York City. If you decide to celebrate Thanksgiving in Aruba, in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, you'll be rewarded with savings and perks. Many of the island restaurants, as well as resort dining, offer traditional Thanksgiving meals.

Celebrate Thanksgiving in a Big City

With a cornucopia of restaurants, parades, and seasonal activities, big cities can be awesome places to spend Thanksgiving weekend.

On the East Coast, you can take in a Thanksgiving parade in a major city like New York, then do some shopping as the cities prepare for the holiday season. Thanksgiving in Washington, D.C. can be ideal for a family wanting to take in historic sites and museums. 

Take a Disney Holiday Vacation

If you're going to spend Thanksgiving at Disney World and want to enjoy a traditional feast with all the fixings, you've got oodles of options. You'll find Thanksgiving spreads at the restaurants of many Disney resorts, inside the theme parks, and also at Downtown Disney. The meals are popular, and early reservations are recommended.

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