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It's Fall Y'all!

With Fall’s arrival, there are tons of new autumnal activities for all to enjoy! Here are a few great things this fall by yourself or with friends! A special thanks to for their tremendous article “14 Fall Activities to do Alone” for help on this!

Roast pumpkin seeds!

Pumpkin seeds are extremely nutritious and high in energy. What’s more, they taste fantastic. For every pumpkin you cook, you’ll find hundreds of seeds. Why not roast them at 350F for 15 minutes, letting the beautiful aromas waft through your house. Great flavors include chili oil, paprika, and sea salt; fennel and garlic oil; and salted caramel and ginger.

These seeds are incredibly tasty on their own, easy to clean, prepare, and make, and are a great food for guests. A recipe I enjoy is roasting the seeds after placing movie theater popcorn butter on them. It gives the seeds a popcorn flavor while still being very nutritious!

Make your house and your body super cozy!

What are your favorite textures when it gets cold? Cotton, wool, angora or a custom blend? Do you start to think of chunky knits too? Why not break out your collection of sweaters and coats to adorn your body? Then, get those blankets and winter cushions out of storage. Assemble your favorite candles and lamps, and turn your home into a vision of what Fall Coziness looks like.

Mull your own (fermented) juice

Fall is all about warm spicy drinks. Where ginger, cinnamon, and star aniseed infuse into wine, cider or juice and dance on your tastebuds. Throw in some demerara sugar, orange, and lemon peel into a pot on low heat and you’re all set. Or, you can always buy a pre-made mulled spice mix.

Go apple picking

Did you know that there are more than 7,500 apple species in the world? Like grapes, cocoa, and coffee, the different apple species are favored for their taste, acidity and uses. If you love cider or apple-rich desserts, then a visit to an apple farm may be in store.

Stock up on your cold-weather reading

Where do you get your books from? Kindle? Second-hand bookstores? Libraries? Independent shops? If you like to read, snuggling under a blanket in fall by the fire and getting immersed in your book can be one of the best experiences ever. Especially if it’s raining outside and you’d love to stay in, sipping your drink-of-choice whilst soft jazz plays in the background.

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