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Home Hacks! Some of the Best Hacks for Organizing Your Home

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

The internet can be a daunting place. With sites like pinterest and instagram with thousands upon thousands of "Tips" and "Lists" to keep your home organized, it can all be a bit much. Luckily for us, has put together their 20 favorite hacks they've found across the web!

Put up a Pegboard

It's perfect for saving counter space and organizing office or craft supplies. The best part about a pegboard is you can add and rearrange hooks and rods as you go.

This tutorial will help you create a hidden slide-in cabinet that fits into tight spaces, and holds a ton of canned goods as well as other items.

Slide it right in between the refrigerator and the wall and double your pantry.

Hang up Clip Boards

This Best Sit Stand Desk allows you to organize mail, to-do lists, and whatever else you need in your office with cute and durable clip boards.

Practical + pretty = perfect.

Use Magazine File Holders for Storage

Magazine files can be used to store canned food and other objects. They come in all different designs and materials, and if you want to get take your organizing up a notch, you can label them.

Read all about it: Your pantry is actually organized.

Create a Magnetic Command Center on the Side of the Fridge

Organize back-to-school schedules, to-do lists and calendars in the spot that guarantees your family will see it every time they want a snack. The magnets also make it easy to rearrange.

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