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A Poem About Spring

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

This is a free-verse poem anonymously written for Widow Care.


The lily flower blossoms

Petals open to the sky

Rain drops fall

As the clouds cry

Yellow Mustard Flowers in field

The sky sends its tears

As a sign of affection

Much like I do

As a sign of affliction

But I sit here and think

How the clouds feel love

For the flower so deeply

To send gifts from above

I think of the signs

Sent from his soul

The rainbows, or flowers

I see while I stroll

Now I understand

It’s his love raining down

A sign from the heavens

He is safe and sound

The pain may still be there

But my love has grown stronger

Overshadowing the hurt

And my heart has grown fonder

The cloud does not cry

He whispers, “I love you”

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