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Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Snowflake designs shown under microscope

The snowflakes fall, flattening on the ground

The holly grows, wrapping and whirling around

Mother earth wishes a happy holiday season

But I don’t want to hear it.

It’s not a happy, jolly time, now is it?

What I used to see as beauty

Is not an annoyance

The snowflakes, each unique, used to be a sight to see

The white dust fluttering down

Falling so gently on the ground

Now the snowflakes blur my vision

The cold, wet snow….Is not welcoming me home.

I think of the shoveling

All of the laundry that will result

From the melting ice melting into my socks

Tracking the snow onto the wooden floor in the foyer

I’m not looking forward to this snowy, Christmas day.

How can I survive this wintertime cold?

When my love is not here to warm up my toes.

And is not here to sit and watch the snowfall.

How do you overcome grief, when everything reminds you of them?

Every Christmas song heard

Every Santa hat worn

Every “Happy Holidays” wished

Every house that’s adorned

But the snow, it’s the worst

It’s so cold and insulating

It quiets the sound

Making the silence deafening.

And the rough weather outside

No hand to hold

That’s all I can think of

When times get cold

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